We stock a huge range of genuine replacement turbochargers for a wide range of 4wd and passenger car vehicles including: 

Nissan  - Toyota - Ford - Mazda - Audi - BMW - Citroen - Daihatsu - Fiat - Hyundai Holden - Mitsubishi - Opel  - Peugeot - Seat - Volkswagen - Volvo - an many more!

At Denco Diesel and Turbo we believe Genuine is best and only offer turbochargers from the top tier worldwide turbocharger manufacturers, the vehicle manufacturers trust these turbo manufacturers with their intensive research and development to manufacture the turbocharger best suited to each and every vehicle. 

Honeywell Garrett turbochargers

genuine holset turbochargers

  Borgwarner turbocharger

IHI genuine turbochargers

mhi genuine turbos

Before replacing any turbocharger we recommend finding out why the original turbocharger failed. Failure to find the root cause could result in recurring failures. 

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