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Are turbo's really the bad guy?

Turbos quiet often cop the blame for many vehicle issues but are they really the bad guy or is there something else going on? 

Some common issues that are often misdiagnosed to be turbo at fault are:

Turbo Leaking Oil

 A small amount of oil in the turbocharger is present from when the vehicle is brand new and is not always an issue with your turbocharger.

In fact we would receive 3 - 4 phone calls a day from customers telling us that they need a new turbo because theirs is leaking oil, these customers would have gone ahead and replaced their turbo unnecessarily had they not called. 

turbo leaking oil

Noisy or Squealing Turbo

If the noise/squeal comes and goes and is noisier at higher revs and quietens when backed off  this will usually be an air pressure or exhaust pressure leak not a turbo problem. If the noise / squeal is constant that is when you might have turbo issues.

 Exhaust Leak

Low Power

Many times low vehicle power can be assumed to be caused by low boost however many factors can cause low power in your vehicle. It is best to have your vehicle checked over by someone equipped to diagnose both fuel injection and turbo issues to make sure you are in fact replacing or repairing the right part to rectify your low power issue.

loss of power

 There are a two major problems that will come from a turbo mis-diagnosis. 

1. Your problem will not be fixed after replacing the turbo. 

2. Most turbo repair shops will not accept returns after the turbo has been fitted and run for the simple fact that it is not re-salebale. 

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