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Quick checklist BEFORE you replace your turbo!

The following checklist is a quick guide to a few things  you should check before replacing your turbocharger, turbochargers quiet often get replaced unnecessarily when all that might be causing the issue is a faulty hose or a blocked filter. The following quick checks could save you an expensive unnecessary replacement. 

Is your vehicle lacking power? 

 - check your filter, hoses and pipes - are they in good condition? 

- Is you fuel injection system correctly adjusted? 

- Does your vehicle ECU have the latest software? 

- Check your exhaust system for an blockages or damage. 

Blowing excessive smoke or using oil? 

- Check the air filter is not restricted or blocked 

- Is the oil drain pipe clean and not restricted? 

- Check all hoses and joints are in good condition 

- Are there any lubrication problems in engine block? 

Noisy Operation 

- Check for any leaks or cracks in your intercooler. 

- Is your pipework and support brackets still tight and not damaged in anyway? 



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