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Common rail injectors of all brands require coding of the unique calibration code (found on the injector) to the engine ECU. 

Below we have set out some examples of Denso, Bosch, Delphi and Siemens common rail injectors and where you can find the calibration codes for each brand. These are generally found on the injector solenoid, or in the case of some Delphi injectors, found on the parts sticker located on the injector body.  

Please note: We recommend coding your injectors BEFORE fitment to the vehicle. The vehicle ECU will accept the calibration codes before fitment and this will confirm the correct injector has been supplied. If the ECU does not accept the calibration code, it will  indicate either an operator error in entering the code , or the injector is incorrect for the vehicle. Should the injector supplied be incorrect, the injector can be returned as they have not been fitted to the engine or run. 

 Example of Denso Common Rail Injector 

Denso Injector Calibration Code

 Example of Bosch Common Rail Injector 

Bosch Common Rail injector calibration code

Example/s of Delphi Injectors 

Delphi Common Rail injector calibration code

Delphi Common Rail injector calibration code

Example of Siemens Common Rail Injector 

 Siemens Common Rail injector calibration code

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