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Fitting Delphi Common Rail injectors

It has been found across a wide range of vehicles that use DELPHI solenoid injectors that once the injectors have been removed and refitted (whether due to an injector related issue or after the injectors have been removed engine related repairs), the vehicle may develop an engine miss, run poorly or may not start. 

 The problem arises from the injectors not being properly bled allowing engine compression to enter through the injectors nozzles orifices. The carbon deposits impede operation of the internal components which results in the poor performance and / or the vehicle not starting. 

To ensure the fuel system is adequately bled prior to cranking the engine, download and follow our step by step instructions: 


Delphi Common Rail Injector Instructions


NOTE: The fitment instuctions provided above are for solenoid actuated injectors only. Do NOT follow the steps outlined in our instructions if the injectors are PIEZO  actuated. DELPHI piezo injectors can be identified by having NO backleak. 

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