- Vehicle with Low Power?

- Blowing blue or black smoke?

- Vehicle Surging, hesitations, missing or knocking?

- Intermittently throwing up an engine light and going into limp mode?

Our factory trained workshop technicians can diagnose your problem and resolve the issue with our Dyno (all wheel drive and 2 wheel capacity), and using our Bosch KTS and Denso DST2 scan diagnostic tools. Whether it is a mechanical fuel system, electronically fuel injected or common rail, Denco Diesel and Turbos’ technicians can save you downtime and hassle in a cost effective manner.

Emissions testing required?

Equipped with Bosch Emissions Bosch RTM430 Smokemeter, Denco Diesel is able to carry out emissions testing of your vehicle to ADR30 standards.

Remember that the figures on our Dyno Page are only typical as every vehicle is different, and aftermarket accessories on the vehicle (such as larger tyres, canopies etc) can also influence the results. We Dyno almost every vehicle that comes through our workshop irrespective of the job (one could be a turbo kit, the next could be a pump R&R etc) and no two vehicles are the same – and even no two Dyno runs are exactly the same.

Trusted Service at Denco