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Pressure Box or Power Module?


If you are looking for a quality product to increase your vehicle’s efficiency, power and torque, that has been tried, tested and sold worldwide – then there is only one. STEINBAUER.

Quite simply there is no substitute for quality.

Features include:

  • tested & sold worldwide, operating in all climates & conditions
  • robust construction, dust, moisture and vibration resistant
  • quality European engineering and components
  • easy installation
  • no increase in rail pressure
  • backed by a worldwide support network

One major feature the power module has over all others is an in built safety feature which stops any undue stress or damage to the engine should the vehicle be put under full load for a sustained period of time. The module will cut the fuel back 1% per 1 second until it reaches a deemed safety net and it maintains this decreased power percentage until throttle is released. The module clears itself and goes back to functioning as per normal.

Major benefits and features that are exclusive to the Steinbauer Power module that other chips on the market do not offer:

  • Plug and play: a bridging harness is supplied connecting module to vehicle. No cutting wires, easy to take back to standard factory set up.
  • Plugs into each injector (common rail) or plugs direct into the injector pump and not the ECU
  • Does not alter the ECU, injection timing or change fuel pressures
  • Includes a potentiometer to increase / decrease power
  • Can include a switch on your dash to turn the module on and off as needed.
  • Safety feature to cut fuel back on full load, stopping undue stress on the engine.

There are many products on the market today that claim to increase power and torque. Buzz words like chip tuning, chipping or flashing are technologies of the past. These are products that increase rail pressure and are simplistic technology – increasing rail pressure can cause major engine failure.

Increasing rail pressure can cause problems with your vehicle as it is putting higher pressure and volume through the pump and injectors, which in turn can cause premature wear to the fuel system. The increased fuel pressure can also potentially cause your vehicle to go into limp home mode as a result of the ECU detecting pressure fluctuations or higher than normal fuel pressure.

The Steinbauer power module modifies the injection system by fine tuning the duration of the injectors. This is achieved by blue printing the original characteristics and intercepting the electronic signals from the ECU to the injection system. The fuel injection and engine speed are recorded and recalculated to optimise performance. The module lengthens the injection pulse width, altering the fuel map based on the engine conditions and engine speeds. It does not alter the ECU, change injection timing or alter fuel pressures.


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