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Common Rail Fuel systems - how it works
common rail fuel assembly

Common rail fuel systems are fitted to all of the late model diesel 4wd's and passenger cars. 

How Diesel Common Rail Fuel Injection Works

Common rail direct fuel injection is a direct fuel injection system for your engine

It features a high pressure pump delivering over 1,000 bar or 100 MPa or 15,000 psi of fuel pressure to the common rail assembly, which delivers the constant high pressure fuel to each injector. A solenoid valve on each injector controls delivery of the high pressure fuel to each cylinder precisely.

Common Rail Diesel fuel injection systems are highly sophisticated and can be very sensitive to fuel contaminants.

Some signs / symptoms that your high pressure pump, injectors or fuel rail assembly could be faulty are:
  • Fault codes on the scan tool
  • Vehicle Engine lights
  • Vehicle hard starting
  • Vehicle won’t start
  • Blowing smoke
  • Vehicle Knocking
  • High fuel consumption



If you have any of these issues and want some advice on where to next you can give us a freecall on 1300 305 359, our guys love to be tested!


We can offer a number of solutions to help you with your common rail diesel vehicle if you need it.

  1. Diesel Common Rail Fuel Injection Pumps – GENUINE both new and exchange
  2. Diesel Common Rail Fuel Injectors – GENUINE Denso, Bosch, Delphi and more
  3. Common Rail Fuel Rail Assemblies – GENUINE Denso, Bosch, Delphi and more
  4. Waterscan Assemblies – Protect your common rail fuel system from the most damaging contaminant WATER!
  5. Diagnostic Scanning for your vehicle in-house at our workshop – freecall  1300 305 359 or fill in the form below to book in!
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