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Turbo Saviour - Oil accumulator The "Turbo Saviour" has a cast alloy centre section incorporating a mounting flange, built in check valve and a provision for the spin-on oil filter. The accumulator section is a purpose spun alloy canister and includes a fully floating piston which ensures oil / air separation within the canister.

Operation: Engine oil receives a secondary filtration before passing through a check valve on its way to the Turbocharger. The accumulator section is charged with oil via a bleed orifice while the engine is running. On engine shut down the check valve closes and oil stored in the accumulator continues to flow to the Turbocharger for up to five minutes (thus cooling and lubricating the Turbocharger bearings for this period).


Overall Height - 270mm

Accumulator Diameter - 115mm

Filter Diameter - 95mm Mounting Flange - 110mm x 87mm

Bolt Holes Diameter (x4) - 10mm

Oil Inlet Connection Female - 3/8" NPT

Oil Outlet Connection Female - 3/8" NPT

Oil Capacity (charged @ 60psi) - 750ml

Oil Filter (recommended) - Fleetguard LF3376

Oil Filter Micron Rating - Nominal: 30 - Absolute: 55