The VP44 fuel pump is an electronic rotary pump that delivers fuel at extremely high pressures. 

The VP44 style pump is commonly fitted to these vehicle/s: 

Nissan Patrol ZD30 3ltr (pre common rail) 

Nissan Navara ZD30 3ltr (pre common rail) 

Holden Rodeo 3ltr (pre common rail) 

Ford Transit Van 2.4 ltr (pre common rail) 

A common issue with the VP44 injector pumps is a worn internal housing in the pump or a failed ECU. 

If this failure has occured with your pump you could be experiencing loss of power or high fuel consumption with your vehicle. 

All of our exchange pumps or repairs on the VP44 come complete with a replacement ECU and re-enforced internal housing to try to prevent reoccurring failures. 

An example of the pump numbers on a VP44 pump: 

Example 1 Part No.

(the last number # is irrelevant for this particular pump)
Vehicle: Nissan Patrol 3ltr ZD30 (direct injection) 
OEM PART NUMBER (the PART NUMBER Nissan assigned to this pump) 
16700VG100 / 16700-VG100

109341-402 zexel vp44 fuel pump exchange

Example 2 Part No:

ZEXEL PART NO109341-102# / 109341-1026 / 109341-1020
(the last number # is irrelevant for this particular pump)

OEM Part Number: (the number Holden assigned to this pump) 

Alternate Bosch Part Number: 0470504037 / 0 470 504 037
Vehicle: 3Ltr Holden Rodeo

109341-102 exchange pump suit holden rodeo 3ltr zd30

Example 3 Part No:

BOSCH PART NO: 0470504040EX / 0470504040
ALTERNATE BOSCH PART NUMBER 0470504041 / 0 470 504 041
OEM PART NUMBER/S (given to this Bosch pump by Ford) 


 Every VP44 service exchange pump recondtioned at Denco Diesel and Turbo has the following parts replaced every time: 

Housing, piston, transfer pump, PCU with sensors, service kit