Engineered and manufactured by Cummins Turbo Technologies, Holset Turbochargers traditionally have designed turbochargers for  the mid-range and heavy-duty diesel engine market.

The Holset range has now been extended to include light-duty turbochargers

So Holset are able to provide vehicle manufacturer’s and their appointed distributors with high horsepower and heavy-duty turbos all the way down to serving the light-duty diesel engine market. 

Being Australia’s newest Holset distributor we are stocking more Holset turbochargers than ever before.

Finding the correct replacement for your Cummins / Holset turbo can be a little tricky at times, hopefully the example below will help you to in the quest to identify your HOLSET turbo:


CTT Part Number


This is the number supplied by CTT / Holset to their Aftermarket distributors

Holset Assembly Number:

3522900 / 3535381 / 3528743

This is the number supplied by HOLSET to OEM (eg. JI CASE, CUMMINS)

OEM Supplied No:

3520030 / 3535423 / 3535425 / 3535424 / 3528744 / 3535427 / 3539310 / 3530721 / 3535426 / 3536677 / 3530718 / 3530717 / 3530719 / 3530720

OEM Customer No:


J919139 / J919130 / J906602 / J906602 / J919129 / J908293 / J919135

These are the numbers given to the turbocharger by the vehicle manufacturer )eg. (JI CASE, CUMMINS)

If all else fails give us a call on 1300 305 359, we can quiet often build your turbocharger by making a simple swap of wastegate actuator etc.