The world of part numbers in the automotive industry is forever changing and Bosch part numbers are no different.

Traditionally Bosch part numbers are 10 digits in length beginning with “04”, however the part numbers can also begin with “09” if it is Bosch factory remanufactured or “F0” for late model common rail components. The Bosch part number will be located on the component either on a parts ID tag riveted to the housing, on a parts sticker or printed onto the plastic moulding of the component.

For common rail components (e.g. injectors, high pressure pumps and rail assemblies) there can be two Bosch part numbers for the same component, depending on whether it was manufactured and supplied by Bosch direct to the vehicle manufacturer (OEM) or supplied to the Bosch aftermarket network.

Example 1.

Injector to suit Holden Captiva CRD 2.0L

Bosch part number supplied to OEM # 0445110270

Bosch part number supplied to Bosch aftermarket # 0445110269

Example 2.

Injector to suit Nissan Patrol ZD30 CRD 3.0L

Bosch part number supplied to Bosch aftermarket & OEM # 0445110284

Nissan Part Numbers # 16600MA70A, A16600MA70A

bosch common rail injector parts identification

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