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  • Is your vehicle progressively losing or lost power?
  • Do you have Fuel / Water contamination in your diesel
  • Is your vehicle using an unusually high amount of fuel 
  • Is your vehicle hard starting hot or cold?
  • Throwing engine codes and lights?
  • Blowing blue or black smoke?
  • Vehicle Surging, hesitations, missing or knocking?

We have the facilities, equipment and knowledge to help you!

  • Dyno facilities
  • Pump test benches
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Bosch certified warranty centre
  • Denso certified warranty centre
  • Common Rail Clean Room facilities
  • Injector Testing
  • Bosch Emissions Bosch RTM430 Smokemeter to test ADR30 standards.
  • Bosch Test Benches 708 / 815 and 711 with KMM 
  • Bosch KTS scan diagnostic tool
  • Denso DST2 scan diagnostic tools
  • Prior Common problem knowledge with particular vehicles.

Fuel Pump Repair

Our workshop utilises the latest test equipment and repair techniques and is performed by factory trained technicians to ensure products are repaired in accordance to manufacturers specification. Industry leaders Bosch and Denso have certified our workshop and we continue to meet their stringent criteria to allow the latest in these products to be serviced with confidence.

Fuel Pump Technicians

All Denco technicians are factory trained by fuel injection manufacturers in the latest techniques to ensure that quality standards that are expected are achieved.

Testing Facility

Our testing facility utilizes the latest computerized test benches to increase speed and accuracy to reduce down time and save you money. Test benches are serviced and regularly certified by manufacturers to ensure that ISO specifications are obtained. Pressurized rooms are used to repair most common fuel injection products and a clean room, built to Class 100, 000 specification, has been installed for specialized repairs such as common rail. These rooms ensure that products are serviced in the cleanest environment possible to prevent premature failure.

Exchange Products

At Denco we understand the importance of getting you back on the road as soon as possible. Our exchange products are repaired to quality standards and are available for a large range and variety of vehicles both mechanical and common rail. All exchange products are covered an impressive 12-month guarantee for your piece of mind.

Injector Service

Servicing of injectors is something we are very skilled on, whether it is a single Toyota 1HZ Service Exchange Injectors or a dual spring application. All injectors are repaired using genuine parts set to manufacturers specifications. Our large stock of spare parts means that vehicles not covered by exchange products can be quickly serviced to minimize downtime.


  • Diesel pumps and injectors brochure
  • Denco diesel corporate brochure

Denco Services

Denco Diesel and Turbo are leading industry experts in diesel fuel injection, electronic fuel injection and common rail diagnostic troubleshooting, and turbochargers.

  • Turbo ServicesDenco Diesel and Turbo have over forty years experience in the turbocharger industry. The first distributor appointed by Schwitzer (now Borg Warner Turbo Systems) in Australia back in 1976, Denco Diesel and Turbo is recognised in the industry as the place to call for advice, troubleshooting, repairs and spare parts. As distributors for Borg Warner and Honeywell Garrett; an authorised Holset dealer and stockists of IHI and MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), Denco Diesel and Turbo is Australia’s largest stockists of the 5 major turbo manufacturers under one warehouse.
  • Turbo Services
  • Pump RoomToday diesel fuel injection is a challenging industry, and is evolving rapidly with new advances in technology. The latest electronically governed fuel injection pumps and common rail fuel systems require a large investment in knowledge, skill and equipment. Denco Diesel and Turbo have met these demands and satisfied the rigorous standards of diesel fuel injection manufacturers such as Bosch, Denso and Delphi. More can be found on our
  • Pump Services
  • Dyno ServicesDiagnostics and troubleshooting is becoming more and more of a fine art in the diesel fuel injection industry. Our workshop carries the latest in diagnostic equipment and together with our 4WD Dyno we can ensure that you receive correct diagnosis for your diesel vehicle. More can be found on our
  • Dyno Services