What are  Denso Reman Injectors? 

Due to the possible high expense of repairing a common rail vehicle, DENSO Australia has introduced an injector remanufacturing program to offer an economical solution for common rail repair. 

This program is supported by the Australian DENSO service network of which Denco is a Premium Service Dealer. 

Denso reman injectors can be identified by the blue box below

denso reman injector common rail

Why do the injectors have a core deposit? 

Denso Australia requires cores for this X-change program so a core deposit for each injector is required to ensure the return of these items for the injector remanufacturing program.

As a Premium Service Dealer we are expected to charge this core to our customers to recover these units. 

How do I know the reman injectors are as good as new? 

The injector cores are returned to the Denso factory and undergo a complete quality assurance process to ensure accuracy. 

Denso spare no expense when it comes to the remanufacturing process, this ensures that the remanufactured injector meets all of the required specifications set by the vehicle's manufacturer. 

Only genuine DENSO parts are used in repair and all reusable parts undergo vigorous testing to ensure they meet DENSO'S high quality standards 

Remanufactured injectors are performance checked against exacting values supplied by Denso resulting in a unique ID code generated specific for each injector

This coding is entered into the vehicle ECU using a scan tool to ensure optimum performance, smoothness and allow emission standards to be achieved

This type of ID coding is the only authorised method approved by Denso Australia for remanufactured injectors and failure to have the correct coding could result in engine failure and poor performance.


Test data is kept for each injector that undergoes DENSO reman processes for quality control and warranty evaluation purposes. 

All of our Denso X-CHANGE Injectors come with 12 months warranty and after sales service. 


Denso Common Rail Injectors