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Suitable for vehicles that are EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected) and Common Rail. Mounts pre fuel filter to monitor possible water/sediments in fuel, before it gets to the injector pump.

Part Number: WATERSCAN8

This kit comes complete with 8mm fittings


Dual Flow - M14 x 1.5mm thread in/out - Probe detects contaminates (water) by testing the conductivity of the fuel

Our Water Scan kit contains a probe to detect water by testing the conductivity of the fuel. A light (usually mounted on the dash) is included to alert the driver if water is detected in the fuel during ignition and/or while driving.Video Icon

This is a Universal Waterscan kit only. Fitment kits, including brackets suitable for specific vehicle fitments are sold seperately

Some Waterscan information:

Water is one of the most prevelant and damaging contaminants within a common rail fuel system and will cause premature wear to the fuel injection system and fuel pump. Higher pressure systems such as common rail vehicles are more reliant on good fuel quality and have a high failure rate when water contamination is present.

An electronic probe detects any water present by testing the conductivity of the fuel and will alert the driver via a light or buzzer on the dash.The waterscan will collect the water in a water collection bowl, if water is detected you should stop driving immediately, drain and have your tanks drained.

Even a small amount of water can be destructive to your fuel system resulting in very expensive repairs

NOTE: The Waterscan Kit includes 8mm fuel fittings (banjo + banjo bolt).Please see WATERSCAN10 for the Waterscan kit with 10mm fuel fittings or WATERSCAN12 for the Waterscan kit with 12mm fuel fittings

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