Bogaard Turbo Timer

Part Number: 724-ROD

Vehicle: Holden Rodeo 2.8Ltr

Year: Dec 1996

Plug in

Reasons for Fitting aTurbo Timer‚¬¢ Lubricates the engine‚¬„¢s turbo bearings until they are at asafe temperature‚¬¢ Extends the periods between turbo and engine servicing‚¬¢ Reduces vehicle down time‚¬¢ Drivers may forget - a timer never does

Reasons for Fitting Bogaard‚¬¢ Modern digital circuitry‚¬¢ Push button idle time selection - from 0.5 to 5 minutes‚¬¢ Instant push button cancel & stop‚¬¢ Attractive through or under dash mounting‚¬¢ Plug-in turbo timer models for most popular vehicles‚¬¢ Peace of mind no matter who drives

The most popular and foolproof method of ensuring that the engine manufacturers‚¬„¢ recommendation is carried out every time you switch off is to fit a Bogaard Turbo Timer. Many thousands are fitted to all types of vehicles, as diverse as Toyota Land Cruisers and Kenworth trucks.

Australia‚¬„¢s largest and most respected truck manufacturers fit Bogaard Turbo Timers on their assembly lines.

Bogaard Turbo Timers are inexpensive, foolproof and fail-safe. They are easy to fit, with plug-in models for most passenger and off-road vehicles.

BES Turbo Timer Assorted models available - please specify vehicle details

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