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This is a CAV Fuel Filter Assembly (replace your original fuel filter setup)

Uses quality CAV Filters 7111-296

Part Number: B516

Replacement for Denco Jap Adaptors TDM294 / TDM295 / TDM296

Button Primer - Dual Flow, M14 x 1.5mm thread in/out -

CAV Filter micron rating = 5 - Suitable for vehicles up to 150hp (not recommended for Common rail or EFI vehicles)

Glass bowl shows water/contaminates etc and allows easy drain off - Suitable for all vehicles with mechanical fuel system (not to be used with EFI and Common Rail)

Note: The fuel filter assembly does not include banjos and banjo bolts - these must be purchased seperately if required.

Fittings (2 x Banjo bolts, 2 x banjo fittings and 4copper washers)in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm are also available.


CAV Fuel Filter 7111-296