Time is money and we know you can't afford to waste either when you have a machine down.

When you need a genuine  and timely solution to get your earthmover, excavator, digger, front end loader, bobcat or any type of construction machinery back up and running we have the turbo solution for you.      
Construction machinery is generally pushed to it's limits and we need it to work day in day out, sometimes under extreme conditions.
Most importantly, they need to be reliable to allow you or your company to meet deadlines and not lose time and money.
With that in mind we stock a large range of GENUINE TURBOS for the construction industry on shelf.    

Vehicle Manufacturers

We can provide you with a quality genuine turbocharger solution, whether it be repair, exchange or brand new turbo for these vehicle manufacturers:

With over 45 years in the turbocharger business - you can be assured you will get expert, professional care with after sales service.
All of our genuine turbochargers are backed by 12 months warranty and our money back guarantee!